More hot party products and gifts – just in time for Christmas 2014 in Australia

Wow. 2014 is slowly drawing to a close. And with it some happy memories of great parties. From boys birthdays to babies baptisms, weddings and more. And now, with the summer season in  Australia just around the corner, a visit from Santa is probably not too far away as well. Provided of course that you are on the nice list, and not the other one.

At this time of year people start to think about giving gifts and presents. And while it may seem that party planning takes a back seat, the planning is still happening,. After all one twelfth of the worlds population has a birthday in January. And that means more parties,, weddings, baby showers, birth announcements, and so on.

Here are some of the fun products we have dreamed up : we think you will like them.

For the Thermomix lovers at Christmas time – a special and sweet stocking filler.

Do you own a Thermie? Perhaps you are a demonstrator, with a small army of loyal followers that you help with recipes, and follow up service. Would you like to give them a gift that is sure to raise a smile? Have a look at our thermomix themed candy – its green, and on the inside is the word “Thermomix”, along with a stylised blade on the inside, much as you would see looking down in to the mixing bowl. Yummy, too.

If you are looking for a slightly different Thermomix themed Christmas present have a look at our mugs as well. Cute, very stylish and long lasting.

We make plenty of other party and special event products too, not just personalised gifts. Photo party invitations are a specialty. We have been designing, personalizing and selling these online in Australia since 2007. With thousands of parties, weddings, christenings, birthdays and other events helped to become truly special since then, we have hundreds of designs in a wide variety of popular themes. We have a range for kids, and another for adults. Special designs for boys and girls too.

Baby showers are some of our favorite occasions. There is something that is extra special when it comes to a baby shower. New beginnings, life, love and familty. Our range of custom event supplies and invitations, custom made for your baby shower are very popular. We have themes for when you are expecting a baby boy, others designed especially for girl baby showers. Or if you are keeping everything a surprise till the big day, no worries, we also have gender neutral designs.

We are not just online however. We also have a Melbourne based party and invitations shop where we make, create, design and despatch all sorts of fun and affordable personalized party supplies. From invitations to huge wide format digital printed banners and balloon party decorations, edible images for your birthday or event cake and even the lollies for your lolly buffet table. We love meeting our customers, and helping them to plan the perfect event.

Thank you for stopping by – we will be posting a few new party products ideas every now and then, so do visit us again.


Invitations and Party Supplies – An Australian Winter Special


As winter’s chill descends across Australia, and the days grow shorter, our thoughts often look towards indoor themes for birthdays and parties. And for good reason. Its no fun having a birthday party outside when its hailing, cold and muddy.  There are exceptions to this rule, as we will soon discover, however.

Little boys and girls still have birthdays in winter. Which means there must be parties for these little boys and girls. Instead of beach parties and birthday barbecues we switch to winter themes and venues – which is what this post is all about.

Lets start with one of the more popular midwinter party themes. Snow. Ideal if you are having a snow themed party, either in the snow or at your own house, with pretend snow and decorations. Plenty of scope with this party theme, starting with themed kids party invitations.

A good way to make effective invitations is to incorporate visual elements that speak to the theme of the event that you are planning. In the case of a winter event perhaps a snowman, or snowballs. Skis even, if you are actually going to hold a party in a snowy location. Most people would probably not be able to do this, so a good second best is to hire a hall or table at a childrens indoor playground and hold your party there. Once you have the venue sorted, its time to start planning the decorations to go with your theme.

Of course, snow is not the only theme that is popular in winter. Depending on the age of the little boy or girl anything from kids cartoon TV characters to the latest move – Frozen – for example. Here is a Frozen themed kids party supplies and invitations design that we have created.  This theme is perhaps more suited to a little girl – but thats okay, there are still some great little boys party themes that are perennial favourites, such as super heroes, pirates, cops and robbers, and so on.  If cheap is your thing, then in Australia,  EBay is probably one of the more popular places to go, otherwise Zazzle or perhaps Squidoo. Cheap is cheap however, which means that you get what you pay for.

If good quality and still affordable personalised birthday supplies for children is more your thing, have a look at some of our designs and ideas. All Aussie made, delivered Australia wide from our online shop. If you prefer to shop in store, we have a real world party supplies shop in Melbourne. Here you can visit, inspect our products, and browse to your hearts content.  Samples of our invitations, decorations,  party supplies and chocolate candy for sale are all there for the inspecting. Our trained team can help you to choose the most appropriate styles to create just the effect you are after.


Party planning and products ideas with an Australian twist.

Party planning and products ideas with an Australian twist.

There are three parts to this post – one is all about invitations, and some ideas around these. Secondly we talk about personalized party supplies. And last, but certainly not least, the icing on the cake with some very good ideas about how to make your birthday cake just that little bit extra special

Buying Custom Kids Party Invitations Online in Australia

In Australia, you can buy invitations at a number of businesses. These range from  party stores and wedding shops, as well as the corner milk bar or newsagents with a small selection of invites. These are usually the pad style that you fill out yourselves.

Usually this just getting there involves effort, as well as expense, and often visits to more shops when you see the smaller range on offer

It’s no surprise to see that buying online from an online shop has become so popular. Sure, people could always shop in their pyjamas before the internet but not with freshly made hot chocolate in hand. And best of all the sheer variety of personalized invitations online means you are pretty much guaranteed to get exactly what you are after.

And now for party supplies. We will assume that once you have chosen a party theme you will be needing party supplies.

These might range from decorations to candy buffet type supplies, such as sweets, lollies and party candies or even party favours.

These days, many of these party products can be personalised, and even designed in the same theme. Lets use kids party supplies as an example.

Say you are holding a baby shower, and choose baby shower invitations. You have a jungle theme and would like some matching themed baby shower party supplies. How about a nice big birthday welcome banner for your guests, with a photo on it, in the same design? Many shops will find it too hard, which is where online shopping comes into its own.

Now lets get a bit more creative, and say you are going to have a few cakes and cupcakes at your baby shower. How neat would it be to have the same theme repeated on some personalised edible images for your baby shower cakes?  Again, an area that online shops tend to carry off better than the big chain stores.

Perhaps the only other major consideration is delivery time – if you are leaving it to the last minute its often wise to check with the service provider as to what their turnaround time and delivery time is. If you are buying in Australia its best to buy from an Australian based online shop. Just to be sure your products arrive in time 🙂

Little Dance – Australian Online Invitations Designers – Party Personalisation Supplies

In Australia, as in many other countries, online shopping has been around for awhile. And that’s a good thing we say. In the beginning, there were quite a few people that were a bit nervous about shopping online, then we became more used to the concept.

Fast forward to today. Its pretty much all anyone ever does, other than supermarket shopping and big ticket items where physical checking out is required. Sure, there are some horror stories around but by doing your research the risks are minimal.

One of the things the internet has really encouraged is diversity and with that, personalization. Diversity, individuality, all those things that are unique about each of us. And in the party and event field, that has come to mean event styling and party supplies personalization like never before.

Gone are the days when an event meant simple invitations, a few songs, perhaps some music. These days, events have become almost a competition to see who can have the best, the cutest, the most memorable.  Sound familiar?

One of Australia’s more established online party supply businesses is Little Dance Invitations. Don’t be fooled by the name however. Yes it’s true that they started out as an invitations business but have since branched out to be so much more.

While they still carry a fantastic range of custom, creative and personalized invites. So if you would like to buy birthday invitations online in Australia, party invitations, or perhaps want some personalised baby shower invitations or even themed christening invitations in Australia, they also make an impressive range of themed party and event supplies.

These include items as diverse as custom photo bonbonniere, huge six foot wide party banners and welcome banners, even huge custom backdrops. It doesn’t stop there however. A very pretty and rather tasty range of candy buffet lollies, fairy floss and candy, even chocolates and gumballs, in single colours. Perfect for a DIY lolly buffet. Even tableware, disposable cutlery, gosh the list just goes on and on.

Little Dance have their own real world shop as well, just in case you prefer to call in and see for yourself. Many people do, which is great. Open six days per week.