All kinds of party ideas for all sorts of birthday parties in Melbourne, Australia

There are lots of different types of birthday party you can hold for a younger child. Many people elect to hold a cheap, low budget supermarket style birthday party, easy, simple, yes we understand the appeal. Cake in Aisle seven, snacks and fingerfood in the freezers, paper plates, some sparkly decorative stuff, some balloons and voila.

But what if you want something special. A truly memorable party, with a wow factor that resonates among the guests for weeks on end. Not to mention seeing the eyes of the party boy and guests light up in amazement on arrival. Something special indeed, which may take a bit more effort than a stroll around the supermarket.

But relax. Not much more effort at all. For starters, we will do our walking and shopping with a keyboard, or mouse, for the most part. A visit to a good party supply shop in Melbourne might still be on the cards if needed.

This post is mostly going to be about boys birthday parties. Kids birthday parties are always fun, but being a parent of two boys means more experience with boys birthday parties. Hence this post.  Over the years we have had many boys party ideas, the only shame being that you can only have one birthday party per year per child. From the moment the invitations go out, the fun begins. The anticipation, the planning, and yes a little bit of online shopping.

Some of our favorite themes were the pirate birthday party, the superhero party, and the cowboys and indians themed birthday. For each of these we used custom made and personalised photo invitations. These are quite clever, and use a photo of the birthday boy cut into a themed surrounding. They send a strong message to the party guests about what to expect, and what to wear. We even had grown ups arriving as pirates and cowboys, and yes, superheroes. Fantastic.

As a consequence, we highly recommend using themed invitations for a kids party, no matter what the event being held. From there, it was logical to theme the rest of the party supplies and decorations in the same theme, from welcome banners, balloons with helium in them, and an edible image for the birthday cake. Speaking of food, we were even able to find a place that sells custom and themed candy for our birthday party lolly tables. Match that with gorgeous apothecary style candy jars, a well decorated table and a custom backdrop in the party theme and you have the makings of a sweets table from heaven.

These are a few basic suggestion we hope will help you in your party planning. Have a grreat birthday party!!



Well presented wedding invitation and wedding supplies ideas

A well presented invitation is the first impression that wedding guests will see, so in order to set the scene for the whole event, it is very important that this be done exactly as you would like it to be.

Some brides are keen to design or even make their own invitations, however, many often seek some experienced help. Little Dance Invitations can help you by designing or personalising elegant invitations. You can choose to print them yourself, we can print them for you, or let us create a full wedding stationery and decorations range, all you need to do will be to post your invitations. Many wedding guests choose to keep the invitations as a keepsake of your special event.

Many brides like to co-ordinate their wedding invitations with themes and colours such as the bridesmaid’s dresses, a favourite symbol or place. Some use photos to create a very personalized invitation, whilst others keep to traditional neutral colours. Little Dance Invitations has plenty of great ideas when it comes to designing and printing perfect wedding and event invitations. In many cases your invitation design can be carried across to your entire wedding stationery range such as save the date cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, bonbonniere and gift tags. Even wide format wedding banners custom made for you and printed on our wide format digital press.

Little Dance Invitations has a huge range of invitation designs, themes, envelopes, paper types and matching themed decorations to create something truly unique for every couple.

The team at Little Dance can also assist you with a full range of wedding stationery; such as save the date cards, invites, place cards, and thank you cards.

For those considering DIY, we also carry a very good range of wedding candy buffet supplies that we sell both online and in our Melbourne store.  We have single colour chocolates, single colour jelly beans, fairy floss, lolly pops and more. We also personalize lollipops and can make personalized chocolate bar wrappers to theme alike with your invitations and stationery. These can be made as is or we can supply them with delicious milk chocolate. These are definitely a great way to make both a big hit with your guests and get them talking about your event long afterwards.Candy Buffet Supplies

Another great idea for any wedding candy buffet are glass apothecary jars. These are excellent for holding candy, sweets and lollies and make great display jars. If you don’t know what an apothecary jar is, these are the old fashioned looking curvy glass jars with lids that professional candy buffet designers use. With a splash of colour care of our pretty ribbons, flanked by beautiful paper pom poms or metallic sheen balloons, you too can make a beautiful DIY wedding candy or lolly buffet table.

The Little Dance retail shop is open on Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30 pm, and Saturday 10 am till 2pm. Different hours apply for School Holidays and some long weekends. Simply call in to view the range of products and event supplies and to see some of the samples on display in store.


Here are some other neat Candy buffet ideas :

Candy buffets on Squidoo


A Few nifty party lollies ideas

In this post we showcase several of our favorite candy and lolly ideas – ideal for parties, weddings and birthdays.

Have you ever wanted to design your own candy table for a birthday party? Doing it yourself is a very good way to be sure you get exactly what you are after, as well as save a few dollars. If this is an option you are considering, one of the common questions we hear is “Where do I start?” Followed by ” Where is a good place top buy custom candy and personalised lollies?”

Once that question has been answered, we begin to address the finer points, such as what color candies to buy, how to present them, what sort of containers to use and how to decorate these containers.

We will touch on most of these questions in this post however the main focus is the candies and lollies 🙂

Where to start?

All of the best parties have one thing in common : great presentation. So as a part of your party or event planning its wise to keep this in mind. After all, great tasting food deserves to be presented in something better than plain brown paper bags, right?

Without question, online is a great place to research but like most research, theory is great but what about the real world experience?

Our shop in Melbourne is definitely a real world experience. Packed with party decorations, candy, lollies, candy jars and more. There is also a large range of personalized party supplies and photo invitations you can buy online or in the shop.

Some classic party lolly and candy treats that are very popular include :


Candy Floss

Chocolate Beans

Mini Jelly Beans

Personalised chocolate bars

Here is a little snippet of information about each of these items, all for sale at Little Dance Invitations:

Our lollipops are available in several styles, from the swirl variety to beautiful personalised lollipops. These make great party favors for birthdays, kids parties as well as wedding treats.

Candy floss. Also known as fairy floss, perhaps more for a child’s birthday party or baby shower sweets.

Chocolate beans – Always popular, and available in single color 500 gram bags.

Mini jelly beans – An age old party favorite. Also available in single color 500 gram bags

Both the chocolate beans and the mini jelly beans are ideal to help color co ordinate your party or event theme. Bonus : If you get Little Dance to design and print your invitations with a few easy choices the party lollies can also be themed by color and in many cases even personalized to match your event stationery. A great example of this is the personalized chocolate bar wrappers. These make excellent bonbonniere or gifts for your guests, and are very suitable for a wedding, or christening as well as a birthday party.

The shop also carries all you will need to turn your lolly or candy purchase into a beautiful candy buffet – including helpful advice on how to make it all look stunning – just like the professionals.

Little Dance Invitations is based in Tecoma, Melbourne. With a real world shop as well as the online shopping website they deliver Australia wide.

Some special ideas when it comes to planning your next party : Candy – Homewares – Decorations too!

Another post in our series about party and event planning : Post four candy buffet accessories and homewares part one

When we are first invited to a birthday party or other festive event, the anticipation begins. Fun, friends, and food. In no particular order of priority of course.

For some of us the most important part is the fun. Thats why we have a number of planned posts all about party games, jokes, competitions and similar activities for parties. Kids, grown ups too.

With that in mind the decor often enhances this, after all the first impressions revolve around the visual. Good homewares can help create a good looking home, and all of this helps with atmosphere and the visitor experience.

For others the focus is all around the friends. The people. The shared memories and the good times yet to be planned, had, and paid back off the credit card.

And still, there is a third category. The foodies. Little Dance Invitations can help here too. And while there are plenty of posts abounding around cakes, which are a special part of an event, several more about savory snacks, this blogger has a sweet tooth.

One of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget when planning a birthday, party, wedding, christening or similar event is the candy and sweets. One of the highlights of any event we think. Here is what wikipedia says about candy : Candy, specifically sugar candy, is a confection made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, to which flavorings and colorants are added. Candies come in numerous colors and varieties and have a long history in popular culture.

Now thats broad. Also sounds delicious.

On this topic, here is a really neat post all about candy, on Squidoo. It discusses a huge range of candy and lollies that any party planner would be proud to keep in their cupboard for a rainy day. Or a good party, of course.

There are tips and tricks to tell you how to keep things looking good, as well as matching your party theme perfectly.

Many of the items depicted on these posts can also be found at Little Dance in Australia. With a huge range of candy and party supplies for sale online, as well as multiple personalised items, there is something there for every event.  From apothecary style candy jars to candy, sweets, and lollies you can order online. And everything in between, even the trimmings, ribbons and little things that really make things look pretty.

All that said and done,  we hope this post has helped. There are some pretty nifty ideas on the page. If you see more and think we need to know about them so we can share,, please let us know 🙂