Party planning in 2015 – some new product ideas

Welcome to 2015.

As we see in the new year – now that the hubbub of Christmas has come and gone, and the world slowly returns to normal, people start to party plan. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers and more. And with that, we have some fun new party products and supplies to make your party the best it can be.

With hot new birthday designs released by our invitation and party designers as well, you can style your party better than ever, with ease. Forget the mall, shopping online or at a well provided specialist shop means you can almost effortlessly buy the perfect supplies for exactly the type of party you want to hold – why settle for second best?

If you are looking for invites to a baby shower, we have some ultra cute themes that are proving to be very popular with mothers to be. From cute baby animals, to pastels, and more. We have themes just for girls, and baby shower designs for when a boy baby is expected as well. All custom personalized for your baby shower. Wityh each design, a matchin range of baby party decorations is also available. This means you can carry your theme right through your event supplies, with a stunning effect.

Personalized photo invitations are a specialty. With hundreds of designs available for all occasions, we will have one to suit your event. From a kids birthday party to grown ups events such as 21st, 30th, 40th and similar. Some hilarious themes and even caricature style invitations – these look great and are custom made just for you. If you are considering DIY invitations but are time poor, we make getting good invitations easy, and affordable.

With one of Australia’s most comprehensive range of custom party supplies online, we have niche event supplies that the most discerning party planner will enjoy. Huge party banners custom printed for events. Welcome banners and posters a specialty.

How about affordable bonbonniere you can buy online in Australia – we say affordable for a good reason. Bonbonniere is almost expected at many events, such as weddings and christenings for example. Bonbonniere is also sometimes known as party favours. These can be quite elaborate and, because they are custom made can often cost more than expected. We have a number of stylish and very pretty bonbonniere options in our selection. With low production costs, these are simple, yet professional, and always well received by our event guests.

With both an online and a real world shop for your convenience and peace of mind, it has never been easier to buy the perfect personalized invitations and party supplies.

Thank you for stopping by our blog. We hope your party or event in 2015 is the success you would like it to be.


Occasional baby suplies – from birth announcements and onwards to birthday invitations

Having a baby? Congratulations. If your previous life revolved around Friday night drinks after work followed by souvlaki and a 3am cab home, brace yourself. Things are never going to be the same again after baby’s arrival.

That’s right. Some people hold on to a fantasy that once baby arrives they will be back out on the party circuit. And, after a fashion that’s actually true. It might not quite be the endless round of partying that you were once used to but parties there will be, nevertheless. And we think that these might be just a touch more rewarding than what went before.

That said, perhaps we should explain ourselves a little more. For example.

Lets take what happens before baby is born. Usually, many ladies hold a baby shower party. Now yes, this is a party. Guests are invited, usually with baby shower invitations. These can take many forms, from traditional paper invites, to boxes filled with lollies, flowers, nappies, you name it – this is a chance to get seriously creative with invitations.

Guests arrive, get welcomed, get served food, perhaps some wine, silly games are had, and a good time is had by all. No souvlaki, or dodgy cab ride home. Which one is more rewarding in terms of bonding and quality time?

And after the baby is born, with friends and relatives clamouring to know if all is well, and to get  first glimpse of bub, many couples elect to send out photo birth announcements. These usually have a picture of the baby, vital statistics, and a happy custom message. By default, this is also an invitation of a sort – to become a part of a slightly bigger family. Now that’s not wuite a party but its a very special invitation to receive.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Most couples have either a naming, christening or baptism ceremony in a child’s first year. Christening invitations are usually the printed sort. Very few people opt for cheap invitations or the low budget electronic versions – simply not done for a christening or a baptism. For a non traditional ceremony however this can vary. Now imagine being in a room with your broader family and friends, united in welcome and love for a young family member. Kinda beats the taxi, souvlaki/burger and the inevitable hangover, does it not?

And last – but by no means least, lets have a think about kids birthday parties. From a first birthday for a little boy or girl at the end of their first year, to a second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, 21st….from the second you start sending out those kids party invitations you will begin to realise just how much fun, love and laughter lies ahead.

And suddenly those weekends of waking up broke and feeling seedy, chasing taxis at 3am while trying not to spill sauce on your party dress…..

Just don’t seem like so much fun anymore


Ideas for good personalised kids event invitations

Ideas for good personalised kids event invitations

One of the great things about starting a family are the many parties and celebrations you get to look forward to. Events such as a baby shower, proudly announcing a birth, baptisms, christenings, and many happy birthday parties.

Baby shower invitation ideas

Lets start at the beginning, with a baby shower. Many people theme their baby shower invitations according to whether they are expecting a boy baby or a little girl. Common theme ideas include the stork, a pregnant tummy, or even, in more modern events, an ultrasound image of the bub to be born. Very cute.

Baby birth announcements

Birth announcements are special. Some new mums and dads cannot wait to announce bub to the world – in days of old this was done with a newspaper advertisement. If we wait a few days however many families choose to use custom photo birth announcements to let loved ones know all about a new little person, along with a custom messageBaby birth announcement using a baby photo

Following a babies birth, and usually before the first birthday, there is another important ceremony that takes place. And no, we are not talking about Dad smoking a cigar with his mates.

Christenings and Baptisms

We mean a naming, christening or baptism ceremony. Invitations for these are usually themed also, often in keeping with the religious or otherwise affiliations of the family. Christian, Catholic and religious symbols such as angels are a great choice for this type of event. Photo invitations are popular, and remain treasured mementoes of a naming, baptism, or christening.

For example, if you have photo baptism invitations made, we find that often your guests keep them on the fridge for many months as a happy reminder of a special time. Easy to buy at an online shop. There are a few more great pictures of baptism and christening invitations here

First birthday invitations

A first birthday is completely different to any other birthday, and different again to the celebrations that have gone before.  Softer and more gentle usually to the exuberant fun and games that are expected at older children’s birthdays and the invitations tend to reflect that. Photos and themes are popular choices, such as baby toys, favourite cartoon character, or cute baby animals. Another very popular idea for a first birthday party invitation is to use several photos to showcase the birthday boy or girls progress over their first year.

Kids birthday party invitations

As a child grows older their interests change and so to do popular themes for birthday parties. From cartoon characters, travelling farms and animal themed parties to superheroes and pirates.

Princesses and princes make way for pop stars and activity based parties, such as race tracks and games. All of which are excellent ideas to base a themed kids birthday party invitation around.  Doing this not only gives your guests an idea of what activities to expect but how to prepare and dress for the event.

Often themed invitations can also be matched with your party decorations and supplies, such as banners, streamers and bunting.


That about sums it up for now. In the meantime, let us know if you have any more useful party ideas for invitations or supplies