Party planning in 2015 – some new product ideas

Welcome to 2015.

As we see in the new year – now that the hubbub of Christmas has come and gone, and the world slowly returns to normal, people start to party plan. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers and more. And with that, we have some fun new party products and supplies to make your party the best it can be.

With hot new birthday designs released by our invitation and party designers as well, you can style your party better than ever, with ease. Forget the mall, shopping online or at a well provided specialist shop means you can almost effortlessly buy the perfect supplies for exactly the type of party you want to hold – why settle for second best?

If you are looking for invites to a baby shower, we have some ultra cute themes that are proving to be very popular with mothers to be. From cute baby animals, to pastels, and more. We have themes just for girls, and baby shower designs for when a boy baby is expected as well. All custom personalized for your baby shower. Wityh each design, a matchin range of baby party decorations is also available. This means you can carry your theme right through your event supplies, with a stunning effect.

Personalized photo invitations are a specialty. With hundreds of designs available for all occasions, we will have one to suit your event. From a kids birthday party to grown ups events such as 21st, 30th, 40th and similar. Some hilarious themes and even caricature style invitations – these look great and are custom made just for you. If you are considering DIY invitations but are time poor, we make getting good invitations easy, and affordable.

With one of Australia’s most comprehensive range of custom party supplies online, we have niche event supplies that the most discerning party planner will enjoy. Huge party banners custom printed for events. Welcome banners and posters a specialty.

How about affordable bonbonniere you can buy online in Australia – we say affordable for a good reason. Bonbonniere is almost expected at many events, such as weddings and christenings for example. Bonbonniere is also sometimes known as party favours. These can be quite elaborate and, because they are custom made can often cost more than expected. We have a number of stylish and very pretty bonbonniere options in our selection. With low production costs, these are simple, yet professional, and always well received by our event guests.

With both an online and a real world shop for your convenience and peace of mind, it has never been easier to buy the perfect personalized invitations and party supplies.

Thank you for stopping by our blog. We hope your party or event in 2015 is the success you would like it to be.


Personalized event stationery ideas in Australia

With Summer around the corner in Australia people start to emerge from winter’s hibernation and start planning things. Sure, a certain event on December 25 takes its toll on family budgets and time but the fact is that right after that is New Years Eve – surely one of the biggest annual parties in Australia. After that the evenings of barbecues, parties, and celebrations stretch out through summer, evening after evening, party, birthday or wedding.

Its fair to say that many of these will be impromptu. But that being the case, it is also true that most of life’s most important events are anything but.

Lets start at the beginning. In 2005, we looked at the state of things. Events were largely generic. They needed stationery that was a bit more fun, family oriented, and best of all affordable. So we decided to act.

We decided to create an online shopping website specializing in personalized invitations.  And announcements.  In Australia.

Birth Announcements

Lets start at the VERY beginning. Do you remember being born? Neither do we. In fact, most of us didn’t even realize we had been born until well after the event. Many people in our lives today likely know about it long before we did. Back then, the arrival of a new baby was usually done in the classified section of the newspaper.  Pre Facebook days, we thought, there has to be a better way to announce a new baby.  So we started to design photo birth announcements. These feature an image, a photo usually, of bub, with a personalised message. Here is one of our latest birth announcement designs below.


Photo birth announcements


Baby shower invitations

OK. So perhaps that wasn’t the very beginning. You see, before baby arrives, the women usually get together for a special secretive event. Its called a baby shower. No, there isn’t usually water involved fellas. The mum to be gets given gifts that will be useful when baby arrives. And they have fun, and make a huge fuss of the expectant lass. Lots of other things happen too but we were sworn to secrecy. To get to one of these events you will need a ticket to get past the door. These are called baby shower invitations. Here is one of our favorites :


Australian baby shower invites


Kids birthday invitations, for both girls and boys events are something we have spent a lot of time on. With hundreds of personalized designs, all can be ordered online in Australia. We have printed invitations as well as ones you can print yourself – yes, printable kids party invitations. If you are looking for invitations made with photos there are plenty to choose from. We cover most popular children’s birthday party themes, such as princess, angel, fairy, magic, fireman, superhero, cops and robbers, trampoline….the list is long, and detailed. Here is a rather bouncy invitation now…boing….boing…


Peter Pan themed kids party invitation design


Party Invitations

Once we move past children’s parties, into the tween years, then on to 18ths and 21st birthdays things get a little more detailed. With a wide range of custom invitations for grown ups parties, and some stunning designs we are kept quite busy. We offer matching themed party supplies that we deliver Australia wide, such as wide format banners, candy buffet supplies, decorations and more besides. We find that if you are going to hold a party, many people want things to be just right. To match. So if you can have the same theme made in the one online shop, it all gets a bit easier, taking all the stress out of party preparation.


Personalized adults party invitation



And so we save the best for last. One of the biggest, most important journeys in life. Just as well you will have company. That’s right folks, we are talking about weddings. Getting hitched. Tying the knot. You know GETTING MARRIED. We have a range of designs for different styles. If you are going to have something quite formal we have affordable personalised wedding invitations that are well worth considering. If your wedding is going to be a bit less formal and more of a fun celebration with friends, we have a special engagement and wedding invite range for this as well. Here are a few ideas :

Wedding invitation

Well those are the major events in life, and our take on invitations and announcements for them. We hope you like them, but in any event, to quote two great men “No matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive there are some things we ALLLL need. You. Me. Them. Everybody”

We hope, with this in mind, that your event is the success that every event deserves to be – thanks for stopping by our blog.

Some Personalized Christmas Supplies ideas for 2014 in Australia

Or…how to have the family Christmas you want to have.

If you are like us Christmas time is a very important time of year on the family event calendar. Regardless of whether you place religious connotations or uphold Pagan traditions in regard to December 25th, there is no denying that the big day presents an ideal opportunity for family and friends to gather. From near and far, celebrating each other, and being together.

Christmas itself has several different versions regarding its origin. Again, that aside, there are always expectations around Christmas that there is no getting away from. You know, things like Christmas presents, family lunches and Christmas dinners. These events are often anticipated very strongly, particularly by younger family members. And we don’t want to risk letting any of them down now do we? Of course not. That’s where some timely planning followed by Christmas shopping is a good idea.

Planning for Christmas in Australia

If we look at various search term trends, people often start their Christmas shopping and searches a few months in advance. There’s not much worse than leaving it all up to the last minute and being caught in the crush. Well there is actually.  Its called doing your Christmas shopping and finding there is nothing there that you want to buy.

That’s why the internet and online shopping is such a boon to people getting ready for the big day.

Here are a few of our favorite Christmas themed products this year.

Personalized Christmas greeting cards

Although sending a real card is less popular than in years gone by, there is no denying that getting a real card is still a nice feeling. When it comes to Christmas cards one option is to buy cheap bulk packs of cards and fill them out by hand. Another option these days that is quite popular, is to buy personalized Christmas cards online. Easy and affordable, with many websites that sell them. Quality can vary however so its best to pick an online shop that has been online for a long time and has good feedback.


custom Christmas card


Christmas lolly jars

Lollies are compulsory at Christmastime. If you are going to serve candy at your Christmas function, we can’t think of a better way to serve candy, lollies and sweets to your guests or family that in a cute mason jar. Combine these with a Christmas themed label, and you have personalized Christmas lolly or favor jars. Yum!


Glass jar full of lollies for Christmas


Christmas ornaments

An old family tradition is to decorate the Christmas tree.  A Christmas tree is a sapling that is cut down and kept inside the home, in modern times but in years gone by it could have been a tree at the middle of the village, for example. Traditionally this happens at the beginning of December, usually on the first of December.  In some homes, tradition dictates that this is where presents are left. Trees can be decorated with all sorts of brightly colored decorations, such as tinsel and Christmas baubles. We really like these personalised Christmas tree decoration ornaments – they have your name or personalised message on them


Angel themed personalised Christmas tree decoration


Christmas Candy

A few paragraphs ago we talked about festive season lolly jars. Now where would these be without special Christmas candy,. You can order online, as this sort of thing often is seasonal and not carried in many real world retail shops.


Christmas themed candy


Christmas themed lollipops

Still on the candy theme are lollipops. An easy way to serve candy at Christmastime. These themed Christmas lollipops are personalised – have a look at the picture below :

We think this is a handy little list of some very cute – and very affordable Xmas themed products for sale online in Australia. These  are available in loads of different and custom themes, and are able to be ordered online as well as bought in a handy shop in Melbourne, Australia.


Personalized lollipops for Christmas


Red party ideas

Red is an ancient colour. A romantic colour. Across time, red has traditionally been associated with love, with passion, and with life.

It shouldn’t be any surprise then, to find that red is a very popular colour for party themes. More popular perhaps with grown ups party themes, possibly due to the association with romance.

When you are planning a party, be it a wedding, engagement party, anniversary, a romantic Saint Valentines Day dinner, or even a rip roaring birthday party, if you are  having red as a colour or a party theme then you had better get planning well in advance.

These days, the internet certainly makes that easier. In days of old, when knights were bold, and computers weren’t invented, you could spend days wandering endless shopping strips and malls, in search of inspiration. Oh and party supplies at a reasonable price.

Here are a few of our fave sites with some good selections, and some good ideas, about all things red, from invitations to decorations – even some custom party banners, some with red influences.


Kidspot is one of Australia’s most popular online parenting and family resource websites.

Here is a neat page about party themes. It features ten of their favorite kids party theme ideas, several of which feature red in the decorations and activities. There are some for boys, and an equally impressive list of great party ideas for little girls parties. Loads of easy things to do and make, and lists to make it easy for you.

Need sweets or candy?

In Australia, Little Dance Invitations offers not just invitations, but also  a range of birthday, party, wedding and christening candy , all for sale online in Australia. Australia wide delivery. The range includes jelly beans, lollipops, chocolate hearts, crystal candy swizzle sticks, chocolate candy, gumballs and more.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous an want to cook your own, how about this recipe for red toffee apples.

Perhaps something a little more substantial for your guests? is a very good Australian online resource for recipes and party food ideas.  Everything from fingerfood and little snacks, to full on dinner party dishes and meals.

Need something visual? That’s not too abysmal? Pinterest. Loads of pictures sampled from all over the web. Here are a few of our favourite pinterest boards, all about red themed parties of course.

This first one is about party foods, mostly red, with a few other splashes of colours. And here is one that we really like, featuring some simply stunning red wedding and party decorations.


Well thats it for us for now. Back to the party!



Invitations and Party Supplies – An Australian Winter Special


As winter’s chill descends across Australia, and the days grow shorter, our thoughts often look towards indoor themes for birthdays and parties. And for good reason. Its no fun having a birthday party outside when its hailing, cold and muddy.  There are exceptions to this rule, as we will soon discover, however.

Little boys and girls still have birthdays in winter. Which means there must be parties for these little boys and girls. Instead of beach parties and birthday barbecues we switch to winter themes and venues – which is what this post is all about.

Lets start with one of the more popular midwinter party themes. Snow. Ideal if you are having a snow themed party, either in the snow or at your own house, with pretend snow and decorations. Plenty of scope with this party theme, starting with themed kids party invitations.

A good way to make effective invitations is to incorporate visual elements that speak to the theme of the event that you are planning. In the case of a winter event perhaps a snowman, or snowballs. Skis even, if you are actually going to hold a party in a snowy location. Most people would probably not be able to do this, so a good second best is to hire a hall or table at a childrens indoor playground and hold your party there. Once you have the venue sorted, its time to start planning the decorations to go with your theme.

Of course, snow is not the only theme that is popular in winter. Depending on the age of the little boy or girl anything from kids cartoon TV characters to the latest move – Frozen – for example. Here is a Frozen themed kids party supplies and invitations design that we have created.  This theme is perhaps more suited to a little girl – but thats okay, there are still some great little boys party themes that are perennial favourites, such as super heroes, pirates, cops and robbers, and so on.  If cheap is your thing, then in Australia,  EBay is probably one of the more popular places to go, otherwise Zazzle or perhaps Squidoo. Cheap is cheap however, which means that you get what you pay for.

If good quality and still affordable personalised birthday supplies for children is more your thing, have a look at some of our designs and ideas. All Aussie made, delivered Australia wide from our online shop. If you prefer to shop in store, we have a real world party supplies shop in Melbourne. Here you can visit, inspect our products, and browse to your hearts content.  Samples of our invitations, decorations,  party supplies and chocolate candy for sale are all there for the inspecting. Our trained team can help you to choose the most appropriate styles to create just the effect you are after.


A few ideas when you want to personalize your party

Party planning is a serious business. By that we mean that when you are going to hold an event, its important that the outcome matches the expectation.  So its important to get it right.

This is probably why there are professional party planners and event organizers, and these might be ideal for larger events, such as a wedding or a christening. These kinds of events almost need a choreographer, and often have rehearsals.

But what about events such a kids birthdays? Disappointing a child is one of the things we would all prefer to avoid, but in most cases the budget is limited to what we have at hand. Ourselves, our time, and fortunately these days the internet.

So lets start with the basics. As this is an Australian focused blog about parties, and party supplies the things we discuss will have an Aussie flavour.

Lets start with themes. Are you going to have a theme at your child’s birthday party? If you are, age relevance is important. If you are going to have a kids birthday party with a theme, the invitations should reflect that. And while there are a large range of invites and Australian kids party invitations – be they boys or girls birthday party invitations that you can buy online from all manner of sites you need to be mindful that you generally get what you pay for, so buy from a reputable vendor.


Will you use gerneric fill in invites or custom and personalized invitations? An excellent question. There is no doubt that using personalized stationery looks better, and gets a better result. More people at your party means a more well attended event, which is more likely to be a success. So it makes sense to personalize both invites for girls birthdays or boys birthday parties

Once you have sorted out the invitations and the guest list, another part of your party planning that is quite critical is the food. Cakes sweets and lollies are expected at many parties, and although a candy buffet table for a kids party doesn’t have to be overly elaborate, its important that they at least look nice. Tasting good is kinda important too.

To see a nice range of some candy and lollies for sale the internet makes it easy, Many online shops sell candy, lollies, chocolates and party sweets, but some sell these as well as the candy jars to display them in. If you can find a shop that sells the lot, well that just makes the deal all the sweeter if you will pardon the pun.

Little Dance Australia is a specialist party and event supplies online and real world shop based in Melbourne. They deliver birthday party, wedding, christening and other custom event supplies Australia wide.







Ideas to make your little girls birthday party be the best it can be.

Girls Birthday Party Ideas – how to make your little girls birthday party be the best it can be.
A young child’s birthday party is a must have event on any family social calendar. But more than that, however, it needs to be right. Now that’s a big word, fraught with meaning. Lets make it easy to understand. When we say right, we mean – its got to meet expectation. In other words if you build up your childs hopes and dreams you had better make the effort to make their birthday party something to remember.
Now, this post is about little girls birthday party ideas, and the aim is to help you to plan and hold a birthday party that will indeed be remembered. Now where to start? Lets start with what your little princess likes, and turn that into a theme. Perhaps she likes fairies. Or horses. Or maybe just the colour pink. Are we on track yet? Lets pick an easy one to use as an example – the colour pink, and then we are going to plan a pink themed girls birthday party.
OK. Now we have our theme lets look at venue choices. Home, hire a hall, public park or playground, or even one of those places that specialise in kids parties, such as an indoor playground. Each has advantages and disadvantages but the choice boils down to do you want lots of children in your house? If your house suits this then it will make an excellent girls birthday party venue. If not, lets go external.
Themes. We picked pink didn’t we?
Invitations. Easy. Now we have our theme shouldn’t we just use pink girls party invitations? Yes and no. Pink yes but how much. All pink or just a little? Photo invitations or generic? Do we make our own invites, download printable invitations off the internet, or take the really easy option and shop online? Now there’s your checklist in a nutshell. We go with shop online. Saves time, money and a great result.
Entertainment and Activities. Now there aren’t many party entertainers with a pink theme. If we had picked pirates or reptiles that would have been easy but no, we picked pink. So lets run with pink themed personalised party decorations, such as girls party banners, pink tableware party supplies, and pink tissue paper pom poms. For a little girls party with a pink theme a good choice is a pamper type party.
Food? Now this is easy. Everything pink. Candy, lollies and sweets, all pink, perhaps presented perfectly in curved candy jars with lids. These are called apothecary jars, and they look great at candy buffet tables.
Thank You Gifts. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, some cute party favour bags or lolly boxes to send your girls birthday party guests home with. Don’t forget these. They can be personalised for your occasion, or generic, but above all make them look good if you want to send the right impression. There you go. You have your mission.
Good luck