A bit about cakes and cake toppers

Lest face it. A party isn’t quite a party without a cake.  Although we don’t fully understand the origins of a birthday cake.

It does not matter if its a first birthday party or a 21st birthday celebration. The appearance of a cake covered with lit candles on it. One candle for every year of age – sends the room into a trance. Or a frenzy. Sometimes both.

Even 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays have cakes, although lets face it,  there often simply isn’t room for all of the candles, and even if there was, would we be able to blow them all out? So we make do with one or two or so.

What about weddings? Glad you asked. Can you imagine a wedding without a wedding cake? The horror! The trauma! The hungry guests. Not something anybody wants to contemplate.

Now a cake has several important components.  You all want a good cake for your event don’t you? Thought so. In order for your cake to be good all of these areas need to be addressed. And for a cake that is truly superb, nay, bordering on the sublime perhaps, all of these need to not only be addressed, but to be darned good. And then some. So what then, are they, and how do we make our cake the best it can be…

Drum roll please……


The cake

Now this part is really really important. It has to look good. Look the part. The colors need to match the theme for your event. When something is important get a professional onto it if you want a professional looking birthday, wedding or christening cake. Don’t forget to order a backdrop around which the rest will sit. Bonus : Choosing a professional cake maker can give you some really neat theme choices as well


The presentation

Shall we  sit our cake on a flat plat? Or a lovely ceramic cake stand? Or a colored disposable cake stand. The key point here is make an effort and make it look good. A good online cake stand shop will be a good place to start for this. Perhaps even an online party shop that sells themed party supplies.  Or you could spend hours walking around the malls. Enough said.


The icing and the cake toppers

When they say, “that’s the icing on the cake”. What they really mean is that the icing is considered the bonus. The special part. When you look at a cake the first things you see are the physical presentation, and, looking down on a cake, the toppers and the icing. While many cakes will look great with only a selection of candles, brightly lit, on them, for an added wow factor there are a few neat choices to consider.  One is having an edible image – a picture printed on a cake.  Stock standard cartoon images are a dime a dozen in the supermarket but if you want a photo, or a custom image on your cake online is the best place to look.

Next we have toppers. These are mostly seen at weddings. Popular cake toppers include small figurines of a bride and a groom, or wedding rings…but a hot new idea is taking the wedding cake market by storm. Custom and personalized wedding cake toppers. Individually cut into acrylic, the only limit really is your imagination. Names, phrases, love hearts, wedding rings, dates….all in your chosen font and acrylic color.



Custom and personalized cake toppers for sale

Two names centred in a romantic love heart

Impressive indeed, and guaranteed to make any wedding cake into a statement.

The candles

More for a birthday than a wedding, so if a birthday is being held whatever you do don’t forget the candles for the birthday cake. For basic candles the supermarket is a good option but if you want something special, perhaps novelty candles or even a custom candle for a cake, online is the way to go.




Red party ideas

Red is an ancient colour. A romantic colour. Across time, red has traditionally been associated with love, with passion, and with life.

It shouldn’t be any surprise then, to find that red is a very popular colour for party themes. More popular perhaps with grown ups party themes, possibly due to the association with romance.

When you are planning a party, be it a wedding, engagement party, anniversary, a romantic Saint Valentines Day dinner, or even a rip roaring birthday party, if you are  having red as a colour or a party theme then you had better get planning well in advance.

These days, the internet certainly makes that easier. In days of old, when knights were bold, and computers weren’t invented, you could spend days wandering endless shopping strips and malls, in search of inspiration. Oh and party supplies at a reasonable price.

Here are a few of our fave sites with some good selections, and some good ideas, about all things red, from invitations to decorations – even some custom party banners, some with red influences.


Kidspot is one of Australia’s most popular online parenting and family resource websites.

Here is a neat page about party themes. It features ten of their favorite kids party theme ideas, several of which feature red in the decorations and activities. There are some for boys, and an equally impressive list of great party ideas for little girls parties. Loads of easy things to do and make, and lists to make it easy for you.

Need sweets or candy?

In Australia, Little Dance Invitations offers not just invitations, but also  a range of birthday, party, wedding and christening candy , all for sale online in Australia. Australia wide delivery. The range includes jelly beans, lollipops, chocolate hearts, crystal candy swizzle sticks, chocolate candy, gumballs and more.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous an want to cook your own, how about this recipe for red toffee apples.

Perhaps something a little more substantial for your guests?

Taste.com.au is a very good Australian online resource for recipes and party food ideas.  Everything from fingerfood and little snacks, to full on dinner party dishes and meals.

Need something visual? That’s not too abysmal? Pinterest. Loads of pictures sampled from all over the web. Here are a few of our favourite pinterest boards, all about red themed parties of course.

This first one is about party foods, mostly red, with a few other splashes of colours. And here is one that we really like, featuring some simply stunning red wedding and party decorations.


Well thats it for us for now. Back to the party!



Kids birthday party invitations, party supplies & theme ideas

We all love a good party….down under in Australia…heading into another endless summer….mmmmm

We all love birthday parties. The truth is some of us love a birthday party way more than others. We are talking about children here folks. Lets face it, kids birthday parties are anticipated, and probably appreciated by those attending just a little bit more than those of us who have had perhaps too many birthday parties already. We are old hands at this stuff.

Or so we think…until its time to set up a party for a child in your life. Sure, you could take the easy option, buy a cake from the supermarket, some cheap candles,  cheap party supplies, and a pad of invitations that you buy online. But is that doing justice to a party?

Nay, we say. Imagine being that child. Quietly hoping for something special, something magical to happen. Loads of friends invited over for an afternoon of fun, cake, lollies and sweets, laughter, and dare we say it….presents. Instead a sad cake, some cheap hats….no way. Not on our watch.

With a very small amount of effort, and a little research into kids party ideas, you can take an idea, with a bit of clever online shopping, and create a kids birthday that will be the stuff of legend.

First we need to decide on a theme. The one you choose will be influenced by the person the party is being held for. There are loads of popular themes, with Frozen being one that is popular a the moment – especially for girls party invitations. Other great themes for little girls birthdays are princess, fairy, makeup, cooking, more for girls aged from 5 to 10 years old. Favorite party themes for younger girls parties are much the same for boys under five, and with kids party invitations to match. Balloons, favorite cartoon characters, baby animals and circus themes are popular kids party themes year in and year out.

Now to boys birthday parties.

Boys tend to be a bit louder, and more active than girls. Sporty perhaps but definitely more physical and party themes for boys often reflect this. So we see themes such as pirate, cops and robbers, sports themes, super hero and villain- and of course all of these make most excellent boys party invitations.

Got your party theme under control? Great. Its time to think about your party supplies.

Starting with the invitations – never underestimate the importance of good invitations. Then carry this theme across to your party decorations and supplies if you can. Warning – if you are buying from multiple suppliers getting consistency here can sometimes be difficult. Another option to make things a bit easier for yourself as you race around your party planning and shopping is to buy online from one provider. Find a good business, that has been around for awhile, and one that has a good reputation for delivering quality party supplies on time. This type of online party shop is exactly the sort of place that will help you carry your theme off perfectly.

From custom invites and decorations, to candy buffet supplies and even matching themed bonbonniere. No problems. You can even theme your colors if you choose a good online candy shop in Australia.

We hope this post has helped you with your party planning. Have fun and a great party!


Midwinter Blues – the perfect excuse for a party – so lets talk invitations

In the middle of winter – well its winter down under – people often huddle inside where its warm. And who could blame you? Far from the balmy evenings of summer with endless parties and soirees into the night, birthday parties in the afternoon under the sun….all replaced with cold winds, rain, hail and sometimes…sleet and snow.

Hardly inspires one to hold a party and jump for joy. But according to some professionals,  holding a party in the middle of winter – such as a Christmas in July – is just the medicine the doctor ordered. With snow on the mountain tops,  although Santa is nowhere to be seen, as long as its warm inside, well, that good old Aussie party spirit seems to always shine through.

Now that we have established that its winter, and cold, and brrr, well, all kinds of brrr, you could say that this influences the sort of parties that we hold in winter. An d you would be right. Lots of folks hold winter themed events. But others, perhaps longing for warmer times, hold Summer themed events. In the middle of winter – can you believe it?

That said, its time to consider several things that all successful parties have in common.

Personalised invitations are a good place to start. Forget about pads of invites, where you fill them out then post them. If you want your guests to get excited about your party then you are going to have to make it look like you have gone to some effort. People respect that sort of thing. Adds to the overall experience, which is generally what we are after here.

So now the invitations have gone out. It could be that that they were boys birthday invitations, or girls birthday party invitations – any style of kids party invitations really as long as they were personalized then you are doing a good thing. Now its time to think about party supplies. Shopping for party supplies online is meant to be easy but many people find that we are now spoiled for choice. And all of this choice actually makes decision making more difficult.

If you buy your party supplies from the same online party shop that designed your invitations, there’s a good chance that they will also be able to theme your party supplies in a similar, or even the same, style.

Some of the most popular winter themes revolve around snow, of course but yet more include themes of warmth, and open fires. Possibly not as surprising as some may think! Even now, looking out the window at the snmow and howling rain, we look at that gently glowing log fire, fresh mug of hot chocolate in hand…and smile snug.


Invitations and Party Supplies – An Australian Winter Special


As winter’s chill descends across Australia, and the days grow shorter, our thoughts often look towards indoor themes for birthdays and parties. And for good reason. Its no fun having a birthday party outside when its hailing, cold and muddy.  There are exceptions to this rule, as we will soon discover, however.

Little boys and girls still have birthdays in winter. Which means there must be parties for these little boys and girls. Instead of beach parties and birthday barbecues we switch to winter themes and venues – which is what this post is all about.

Lets start with one of the more popular midwinter party themes. Snow. Ideal if you are having a snow themed party, either in the snow or at your own house, with pretend snow and decorations. Plenty of scope with this party theme, starting with themed kids party invitations.

A good way to make effective invitations is to incorporate visual elements that speak to the theme of the event that you are planning. In the case of a winter event perhaps a snowman, or snowballs. Skis even, if you are actually going to hold a party in a snowy location. Most people would probably not be able to do this, so a good second best is to hire a hall or table at a childrens indoor playground and hold your party there. Once you have the venue sorted, its time to start planning the decorations to go with your theme.

Of course, snow is not the only theme that is popular in winter. Depending on the age of the little boy or girl anything from kids cartoon TV characters to the latest move – Frozen – for example. Here is a Frozen themed kids party supplies and invitations design that we have created.  This theme is perhaps more suited to a little girl – but thats okay, there are still some great little boys party themes that are perennial favourites, such as super heroes, pirates, cops and robbers, and so on.  If cheap is your thing, then in Australia,  EBay is probably one of the more popular places to go, otherwise Zazzle or perhaps Squidoo. Cheap is cheap however, which means that you get what you pay for.

If good quality and still affordable personalised birthday supplies for children is more your thing, have a look at some of our designs and ideas. All Aussie made, delivered Australia wide from our online shop. If you prefer to shop in store, we have a real world party supplies shop in Melbourne. Here you can visit, inspect our products, and browse to your hearts content.  Samples of our invitations, decorations,  party supplies and chocolate candy for sale are all there for the inspecting. Our trained team can help you to choose the most appropriate styles to create just the effect you are after.


A few ideas when you want to personalize your party

Party planning is a serious business. By that we mean that when you are going to hold an event, its important that the outcome matches the expectation.  So its important to get it right.

This is probably why there are professional party planners and event organizers, and these might be ideal for larger events, such as a wedding or a christening. These kinds of events almost need a choreographer, and often have rehearsals.

But what about events such a kids birthdays? Disappointing a child is one of the things we would all prefer to avoid, but in most cases the budget is limited to what we have at hand. Ourselves, our time, and fortunately these days the internet.

So lets start with the basics. As this is an Australian focused blog about parties, and party supplies the things we discuss will have an Aussie flavour.

Lets start with themes. Are you going to have a theme at your child’s birthday party? If you are, age relevance is important. If you are going to have a kids birthday party with a theme, the invitations should reflect that. And while there are a large range of invites and Australian kids party invitations – be they boys or girls birthday party invitations that you can buy online from all manner of sites you need to be mindful that you generally get what you pay for, so buy from a reputable vendor.


Will you use gerneric fill in invites or custom and personalized invitations? An excellent question. There is no doubt that using personalized stationery looks better, and gets a better result. More people at your party means a more well attended event, which is more likely to be a success. So it makes sense to personalize both invites for girls birthdays or boys birthday parties

Once you have sorted out the invitations and the guest list, another part of your party planning that is quite critical is the food. Cakes sweets and lollies are expected at many parties, and although a candy buffet table for a kids party doesn’t have to be overly elaborate, its important that they at least look nice. Tasting good is kinda important too.

To see a nice range of some candy and lollies for sale the internet makes it easy, Many online shops sell candy, lollies, chocolates and party sweets, but some sell these as well as the candy jars to display them in. If you can find a shop that sells the lot, well that just makes the deal all the sweeter if you will pardon the pun.

Little Dance Australia is a specialist party and event supplies online and real world shop based in Melbourne. They deliver birthday party, wedding, christening and other custom event supplies Australia wide.







Occasional baby suplies – from birth announcements and onwards to birthday invitations

Having a baby? Congratulations. If your previous life revolved around Friday night drinks after work followed by souvlaki and a 3am cab home, brace yourself. Things are never going to be the same again after baby’s arrival.

That’s right. Some people hold on to a fantasy that once baby arrives they will be back out on the party circuit. And, after a fashion that’s actually true. It might not quite be the endless round of partying that you were once used to but parties there will be, nevertheless. And we think that these might be just a touch more rewarding than what went before.

That said, perhaps we should explain ourselves a little more. For example.

Lets take what happens before baby is born. Usually, many ladies hold a baby shower party. Now yes, this is a party. Guests are invited, usually with baby shower invitations. These can take many forms, from traditional paper invites, to boxes filled with lollies, flowers, nappies, you name it – this is a chance to get seriously creative with invitations.

Guests arrive, get welcomed, get served food, perhaps some wine, silly games are had, and a good time is had by all. No souvlaki, or dodgy cab ride home. Which one is more rewarding in terms of bonding and quality time?

And after the baby is born, with friends and relatives clamouring to know if all is well, and to get  first glimpse of bub, many couples elect to send out photo birth announcements. These usually have a picture of the baby, vital statistics, and a happy custom message. By default, this is also an invitation of a sort – to become a part of a slightly bigger family. Now that’s not wuite a party but its a very special invitation to receive.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Most couples have either a naming, christening or baptism ceremony in a child’s first year. Christening invitations are usually the printed sort. Very few people opt for cheap invitations or the low budget electronic versions – simply not done for a christening or a baptism. For a non traditional ceremony however this can vary. Now imagine being in a room with your broader family and friends, united in welcome and love for a young family member. Kinda beats the taxi, souvlaki/burger and the inevitable hangover, does it not?

And last – but by no means least, lets have a think about kids birthday parties. From a first birthday for a little boy or girl at the end of their first year, to a second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, 21st….from the second you start sending out those kids party invitations you will begin to realise just how much fun, love and laughter lies ahead.

And suddenly those weekends of waking up broke and feeling seedy, chasing taxis at 3am while trying not to spill sauce on your party dress…..

Just don’t seem like so much fun anymore