Some Personalized Christmas Supplies ideas for 2014 in Australia

Or…how to have the family Christmas you want to have.

If you are like us Christmas time is a very important time of year on the family event calendar. Regardless of whether you place religious connotations or uphold Pagan traditions in regard to December 25th, there is no denying that the big day presents an ideal opportunity for family and friends to gather. From near and far, celebrating each other, and being together.

Christmas itself has several different versions regarding its origin. Again, that aside, there are always expectations around Christmas that there is no getting away from. You know, things like Christmas presents, family lunches and Christmas dinners. These events are often anticipated very strongly, particularly by younger family members. And we don’t want to risk letting any of them down now do we? Of course not. That’s where some timely planning followed by Christmas shopping is a good idea.

Planning for Christmas in Australia

If we look at various search term trends, people often start their Christmas shopping and searches a few months in advance. There’s not much worse than leaving it all up to the last minute and being caught in the crush. Well there is actually.  Its called doing your Christmas shopping and finding there is nothing there that you want to buy.

That’s why the internet and online shopping is such a boon to people getting ready for the big day.

Here are a few of our favorite Christmas themed products this year.

Personalized Christmas greeting cards

Although sending a real card is less popular than in years gone by, there is no denying that getting a real card is still a nice feeling. When it comes to Christmas cards one option is to buy cheap bulk packs of cards and fill them out by hand. Another option these days that is quite popular, is to buy personalized Christmas cards online. Easy and affordable, with many websites that sell them. Quality can vary however so its best to pick an online shop that has been online for a long time and has good feedback.


custom Christmas card


Christmas lolly jars

Lollies are compulsory at Christmastime. If you are going to serve candy at your Christmas function, we can’t think of a better way to serve candy, lollies and sweets to your guests or family that in a cute mason jar. Combine these with a Christmas themed label, and you have personalized Christmas lolly or favor jars. Yum!


Glass jar full of lollies for Christmas


Christmas ornaments

An old family tradition is to decorate the Christmas tree.  A Christmas tree is a sapling that is cut down and kept inside the home, in modern times but in years gone by it could have been a tree at the middle of the village, for example. Traditionally this happens at the beginning of December, usually on the first of December.  In some homes, tradition dictates that this is where presents are left. Trees can be decorated with all sorts of brightly colored decorations, such as tinsel and Christmas baubles. We really like these personalised Christmas tree decoration ornaments – they have your name or personalised message on them


Angel themed personalised Christmas tree decoration


Christmas Candy

A few paragraphs ago we talked about festive season lolly jars. Now where would these be without special Christmas candy,. You can order online, as this sort of thing often is seasonal and not carried in many real world retail shops.


Christmas themed candy


Christmas themed lollipops

Still on the candy theme are lollipops. An easy way to serve candy at Christmastime. These themed Christmas lollipops are personalised – have a look at the picture below :

We think this is a handy little list of some very cute – and very affordable Xmas themed products for sale online in Australia. These  are available in loads of different and custom themes, and are able to be ordered online as well as bought in a handy shop in Melbourne, Australia.


Personalized lollipops for Christmas



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