Decorate your party with style – choices, tips and ideas

Elements of party planning

Every good party starts with a plan. Planning well can really make a difference to the result, so its a good idea to spend some time on your party planning and party supplies. For example, if you want a particular theme at your birthday party, planning is essential to ensure all of the different parts work in well together. Lets talk about some of these now.

For starters, all parties need a venue, invitations, and party supplies. Birthdays will need birthday cakes. Each of these is a fairly broad category in itself, of course.  Often, your choice of each is dictated by a chosen theme, and everything else is planned around that. So for example you might have a pool themed party, with a Hawaiian Luau in mind. So Hawaiian shirts, large flowers, and so on become your party choices. This page is about party decorations, however, so we will move to these now. And as we mostly blog about things with an Australian theme, the items below are all things that you can buy online in Australia


Now lets talk party decorations

Also a very broad category, so we will cover a few party decoration ideas that are more popular, along with some you may not know about. You can buy all of these online in Australia


Birthday party balloons. An old favorite and always popular with younger children. Some of the advantages with balloons are that they make quite cheap party decorations, that can also be used as a party game for younger children. They are easy to theme by color. If you don’t mid spending a little more money, filling balloons with helium, or having foil balloons made up for your party can make even this party favorite extra special.

Party balloon decorations



If you don’t know what bunting is you are about to find out. Bunting is strings of cloth or plastic hung on a line, to make a barrier or border.  Decorative party bunting flags can be cheap and plastic, or if you are after something more special, fabric party bunting is very pretty, and adds a stylish touch – ideal for a baby shower or a younger child’s party, or perhaps a girls birthday party with a theme involving pretty things.

Fabric bunting for sale online in Australia


Tissue paper pom poms

Bright, and colorful, and with a completely different look to balloons. And they don’t deflate like balloons do. Pom poms made from tissue paper are available in a huge range of colors. They especially suit girly type events, as well as weddings. They make awesome candy buffet table decorations, as well as retail display window dressings.

Tissue paper pom poms



Paper tassels are brightly colored, and are put together on strings. With a different look and feel again compared to pom poms and bunting, they are a happy, almost hippy, look and atmosphere builder. Paper tassel decorations are not only welcome at birthdays, parties and celebrations – they also make quite nice decorations around the home, perhaps to dress a room up and make it a bit special.

Paper tassel party decorations

Wide format party banners

Up to six feet long and three feet wide you can buy personalized banners and posters online at a number of websites. Smaller door poster welcome banners are the perfect way to welcome your guests with style. If you are going to have a candy buffet or a lolly table at your event, a big backdrop will make a stunning background. The same can be said for a custom made birthday cake  – why not put a happy birthday banner behind it? These can have photos on them, a personalized message, and even be in the same theme as your other party supplies  – if they were designed by the same place.

Thanks for stopping by – we hope our short list and the pictures have given you some useful ideas. Don’t forget to stop by again soon, as we will be publishing more party ideas, and helpful suggestions from time to time.


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